Popular Culture in Society (SYP3630)

Paper #1: This essay focused on the early criticism of the popular children’s show “Teletubbies” and between two ideas: that popular culture should be condemned and controlled before it damages society, OR that popular culture simply reflects the values and meanings of an active, democratic culture; the focus was on the latter idea.

Paper #2: Focuses on an advertisement of choice and how the advertisement relates to elements of discourse such as the three rhetorical appeals and the communication triangle, as described in assigned readings.

Paper #3: This paper describes how clothing can shape the identities of ourselves and others in society.

Paper #4.1: This is part of a two-part assignment that explores television in our society. This first part discusses television as an “educational” medium and whether it can improve our daily lives or not.

Paper #4.2: The second part of a two-part assignment, this paper analyzes the early 2000s sitcom Ally McBeal and the archetypes that exist within the show: the not-so-emotionally mature but otherwise intelligent main character, and the younger sister who is more emotionally mature.

Paper #5: This assignment is essentially a review of the movie “The Master of Disguise”, using the arguments of several movie critics and forming my own opinion on the movie.

Paper #6: This final assignment of the course explores music and its messages in our society. I chose the song “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots not only because it is one of my favorite songs, but because there are both rudimentary and very complex meanings within the song.